A Theater for an Individualist

Virtual Reality & Robotic Performing Arts



A traditional theater used to be a space that delivered an illusory, virtual universe to the audience. The audience beyond “the fourth wall” accepted this illusion as a result, and did not take interest in its formation process. Times have changed now, and theaters are looked at differently today. 


VR artist ROOMTONE, robotics artist Lee Jangwon, and performance director Jeong Seyoung are interested in the theater as a “site” where new forms of virtuality are created. Their strategy of approaching virtuality and theater is quite different from existing methods. Here, the virtuality does not refer to an enclosed stage or a theatrical universe. Rather, the artists base themselves on the unique physical experience offered by recent digital media. They consequently break down the traditional fourth wall intended to create a theatrical virtuality, and replace it with a completely new sense of virtuality. The artists extend their use of technology, such as VR and motion capture, to contemplate the ideas of performance, stage, theater, technology, and the human being. In this sense, technology becomes performative and post-mediatic.


A Theater for an Individual will invite the audience to experience the complex mechanisms and physical relations pertaining to theater and technology. This work daringly attempts to bring VR technology into theater, introducing a highly individualized medium into a space for the collective experience. The work thereby interweaves respective limitations and possibilities of VR technology and theater. It is an experiment on how the concept of body, recently facing its technologically accelerated transformation, operates in the space for 'heavy bodies,' namely the theater. 


This artwork was created by the support of MMCA, Korea