Virtual Reality & Installation



OS(Operating System) is a VR-based creation containing images of near-future autonomous driving environments. The light and data generated as an audience move through virtual space can bring together the boundaries of the actual and the virtual. The OS is depicted as a halo of light, and the physical contact of the audience with the light blurs the boundaries of the actual and virtual. The action suggests a positive relationship between humans and the OS based on their trust.

<Wilson>(left, by Jangwon Lee) and <OS>(right, by ROOMTONE) are collaborative artworks produced on the same theme ‘A.I Operating System'. Through the VR, the audience can experience the image of the near-term OS and can physically interact with the installation art <Wilson>, which creates a virtual and realistic landscape.

<Future Humanity – Our Shared Planet> Opening Video 

<OS> Video 

This artwork was created by the support of ZER01NE.

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